Hemlock! *A New Novel*

January 22, 2010 at 11:56 am (Hemlock)

Wow, I’ve finally found the inspiration I really need. I just finished reading the short story by Hawthorne called “Rappaccini’s Daughter.” The main premise of the story is that the young scholar Giovvani, while studying in Padua, falls in love with a ravishing woman whom he sees in her father’s (her father being a known botonist, Rappaccini, who works with some of the most poisonous plants in the world) garden from his window. Well, Rappaccini, being a man of science, had turned his daughter into a poison as potent as his flowers and nurtured her in the garden. But somewhere between falling ill from the poisonous aromas that float up to his window and falling in love with Beatrice the poisons from the garden become a part of him. It’s a long rambly kind of messy idea but really, it was the fact that Rappaccini was attempting to create two extremely lethal human beings whom would love each other and live forever in his Garden of Eden. Well, it ends rather tragically when Beatrice drinks an antidote that was said to cure any poison but because her whole being was nurtured by poison, the antidote distroyed her and she dies.

Well, the main idea of Hemlock is based on the idea of a Beatrice and Giovanni, minus the flowers and the actual poison. Michael is in Rome with his father on business over the summer and from the roof of his hotel, he sees this beautiful girl, Emma Locke who was, by the way, inspired by the model Susan Coffey.

The plot isn’t worked out much farther passed that aside from Michael meeting an Italian socialite Benedetti who invite Mike to a little party he happens to be hosting, that Emma will just happen to be at.

I’m rambling. I should be writing.

So long my minions of darkness!

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